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I got Pokémon X last Thursday and blazed through it as I couldn't put it down finishing E4 on Sunday but Pokémon is never over! Anyhow I caught Mewtwo, Zygarde, and working on the bird and catching all Pokémon and Megavolutions.

I chose Chespin as my starter with Squirtle. Speed boost Blaziken is uber and he was the only way I managed to beat gyms 3-4 (stupid Hawlucha with Flying Press! Utterly dominated me otherwise if I didn't finish training my Combusken with Flying-Fighting at once as it destroyed Chesnaught, Tyrantum, and everything else I had). Xerneas is ridiculous awesome as well and crushes the Champion with ease (I haven't tried yet but it'd be really hard I imagine, especially once again Hawlucha and how my main pokemon were divided...). I imagine Y with Yveltal will have a harder time anyhow (Geomancy Moonblast is ridiculous from the Steer Xerneas).

I love Pokémon Wi-Fi and global trading now with 3ds (it never worked on my old ds so I couldn't do it for Black/White) and I do have all the Kalos and Kanto Starters so if anyone wants something I might be willing to trade.

I need help with friend coding as I don't get how you do it (can you change acquaintences to friends?) and this game does need interfacing of friends for the friend Safari so please, share your codes!

Pokémon X-Code: 4355-9434-5347


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United States
I'm Fluffy Otters, 20, and male. I love Otters and Wolves and all manner of furry creatures.

Favourite genre of music: Varied, almost everything but 99% of rap which I don't like for the most part.
Personal Quote: I dont want to waste another moment a shot in the dark to be where you are I promise to be-BTR

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