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Last Saturday, I graduated from College which is both exciting and terrifying. Great because a college degree is essentially needed (though some jobs shouldn't nor does college benefit all jobs but the type I'm looking for does) but now I have to figure out what I'm going to do. I probably will go to Graduate School for Psychology in probably clinical or whatever program does both research and clinical, but at the moment I have to look for opportunities and internships that take people with a B.A.. All I got to say is please be paid. Otherwise I might have to do internship and a meh low-wage job. Though, that would still be more money than I've earned working in the past.
When they exited the car, they stood in front of a decent sized three story home that stood only a few hundred meters from a lake. There tied up to a dock were some jet skis and a boat. “Dude, this is awesome!” Duncan exclaimed. “I wonder if we are the first to arrive?”

“Let’s go find out,” Alejandro said and they both rushed for the door, Alejandro squeezing in before Duncan. “Anybody home?” he called out looking around. There was silence. “I guess not,” he said.
“Let’s go claim our room!” Duncan said excitedly as he raced for the stairs. Alejandro followed behind him, amused as Duncan ran the hallway, poking his head in each room. “What about this one?” Duncan called, standing at the last one in the end.

“Okay,” Alejandro said. There wasn’t really much difference between the rooms and as far as he could tell, all of the rooms were quite adequate and similar in appearance so he didn’t really care where they slept. The main difference between this room and the others was the wall paper was this one was blue while the others were green, yellow, and pink. Dropping his bags, Alejandro sat down on the bed. Removing his shoes and socks, Duncan got on top of his bed that was opposite Alejandro’s and started jumping.

“Ooh bouncy. You got to try this out.” Alejandro rolled his eyes but got up and started jumping as well.

“Wow, you’re right. These are bouncy and very good quality beds to be supporting our weight like this.” Duncan started jumping and doing flips.

“Oh yeah, check this out!” He bounced higher and spread his legs out more.

“That’s not a very good…” Alejandro started when there was a crash and a groan. “…idea.” Alejandro finished. Duncan had overleapt and landed on the floor hard giving a loud cry of pain. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, just…give me a minute.” He said clutching between his legs. They soon heard another car come up.

“Sounds like we got company, I wonder who it is? Let’s go find out.” Alejandro left the room.

“Wait for me! I-ow, am coming!” Duncan staggered up and followed. When they got down the stairs, they saw the arrival of two girls. Or, a girl and a giant. Both Alejandro and Duncan twisted their heads back to see one of the tallest girls they have ever seen who had to duck when entering the doorway.

“Damn, I wanted to arrive first,” the shorter one said. She was wearing short-shorts and a cropped tanktop which her boobs spilled out of not leaving much to the imagination. “Oh well, at least I’m no longer getting crushed.”

“Jesus Christ, you’re tall,” said Duncan to the dark skinned, almost black girl. He only came up to the bottom of her stomach. Jasmine bore it patiently as this pretty much always happened whenever she met someone knew.

“Si, very tall,” Alejandro added.

“So hi, my names Jasmine,” she extended her hand. Alejandro took it and kissed it. “A pleasure to make your acquaintance. I’m Alejandro. And you?” He turned to face the other girl.

“Heather,” the girl growled out. Alejandro reached out his hand but was disappointed when Heather didn’t return the favor. Pouting a little, he drew back.

“I’m Duncan,” said Duncan.

“Whatever.” Heather heads towards the stairs. “I’m going to claim my room now.” They all watched her leave.

“So…I guess we’re going to be in for a fun time with that one aren’t we?” Jasmine said in the brief moment of silence.

“Yep. Hopefully the other people aren’t as bad. Are you going to room with her?” Alejandro asked.

“I hope not but I have a funny feeling I will end up being with her unless one of you guys wants to room with her?” She looks around. “Anybody?” Duncan and Alejandro shook their heads. “Didn’t think so and I doubt the other girls would want to be with her either. Guess I’ll just have to make the best of it then.”

“Good luck with that,” Alejandro said.

“I’m going to need it but I think I’ll wait down here for a bit and see what happens when the others arrive.”Pretty soon, there was a knock and two more people came. One was a sort of punk-goth looking chick with blue-greenish hair and rather pale skin, the other the exact opposite being tan and slightly freckled with brown hair.

“Darn, I was hoping to be here first!” the brown hair complained.

“Hey, I’m Jasmine,” Jasmine went over to greet them and once again, people had to crane their heads far back to even be able to see her face.

“Wow, you’re tall” Courtney said. Gwen nodded silently in agreement.

“And you are?” Jasmine prompted.

“Oh um right, I’m Courtney, and this is Gwen,” the brown haired girl explained.

“Duncan,” “Alejandro,” both said as they joined Jasmine. Courtney’s eyes widened at the sight of them as she gave them a very overt once-over.

“Well, well, well it seems like this is going to be a very fun time after all,” Courtney purred. Gwen blushed a little at Courtney’s overtness which made her feel awkward, especially when Alejandro winked back and said “anytime.” Gwen didn’t consider herself a prude and she was aware these types of things did happen but the moment they stepped into the house? Really? Barf. She was surprised that Courtney was the first one to make a pass though. She had gotten the impression that Courtney was more than slightly icy with guys and a fierce intimidator of them and yet here she was already drooling over one. What happened to female independence and her crushing anyone in her way? To be fair though, Alejandro was extremely good looking. She herself was looking forward to drawing and painting him if he allowed it.

“I’m Gwen,” she said shyly, nearly fainting when Alejandro stepped up close and took her hand. He was even more intense up close and she almost fell against him.

“Are you okay?” He asked, seeing her almost stumble and fall against him. His mouth smirked a little tauntingly in a way that would have Gwen wanting to slap him, or at least imagine that she would have, if she was in a normal frame of mind but right now, all she could concentrate on was how prominent and hard his chest was and the strength in that arm.

“Uh-huh,” she mumbled and Duncan came over supported her as Alejandro let go. Courtney looked a bit pissed but Gwen was still sort of out of it. “I can stand, I can stand,” she eventually said when her head stopped spinning and Duncan holding her got annoying. He let go and she haltingly stretched and stood up.

“Wow, you’re not wasted are you? It’s a bit early for that.” Jasmine joked.

“No, I’m not, it’s just that someone is too charming for his own good,” Gwen muttered. Duncan smiled.

“All right!” They all looked at him weirdly. “Oh, yeah, you mean Alejandro. Hehehe.”

“Idiot,” Courtney muttered.

“You’re kind of rude,” Duncan said to her.

“I’m not a moron though.” Duncan grit his teeth a moment, his eyes darkening, before he smiled.

“I’m just going to ignore that.” Courtney opened her mouth to say something before they heard the final car pull into the long driveway heading up to the house. They all turned expectantly as a tall ginger and a hippie looking guy in a beanie came in.

“Hey,” Duncan said rushing over to them. “I’m Duncan.”

“Scott,” the freckly guy said. “And this here is Shawn.”

“Excuse me, I got to check for zombie weaknesses, be back soon,” Shawn said as he ran past them and started checking the locks and curtains on all the windows, rushed to the basement, then barreled up the stairs.

“What the-?” Courtney started.

“He’s checking to make sure we’re safe from zombies.” Scott explained.

“Why?” Gwen asked.

“Who knows when the undead will rise? If they do we got to be ready.”

“Really?” Courtney said sarcastically. Scott shifted uneasily.

“I don’t know, it could happen.” Courtney sighed.

“I’m surrounded by idiots.” Gwen and Jasmine glared at her. “I mean of the male variety, not us girls.”

“Ouch,” Alejandro clutched his heart dramatically. “Stab through the heart.” All of a sudden there was a loud piercing yell.

“GET OUT!” Shawn came barreling back down the stairs chased by an angry irate Heather “What was this…thing doing poking around in my room?!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was occupied…” he cried running around in a circle.

“Then fucking knock you moron instead of just barging in while I was changing clothes!” She grabbed him and he cowered, putting his hands in front of his face.

“Don’t hurt me!” Heather was clearly livid and about to slap him when Alejandro reached out and pulled her back.

“Okay, that’s enough. It was an accident. Let it go-“ Heather slapped him and tried to leap towards Shawn again. “Oh no you don’t,” Alejandro pulled her back again. “Calm down, the poor guy is scared.”

“He should be! Sleep with one eye open because I will get you!” She called, struggling against Alejandro’s grip. They all stared as he nonchalantly picked Heather up as if she weighed almost nothing and slung her up over his shoulder and carried her up the stairs. Jasmine whistled.

“Well damn, that was something.”

“Who wants to bet they will make out?” Duncan asked.

“Jeez, she’s almost as terrifying as a zombie. She could probably scare them off,” Shawn said calming down.

“So what’s this about zombies?” Jasmine asked.

“I’m checking to make sure we’re zombie ready in case they should show up. The house seems a decent enough structure with few cracks the zombies could punch through and they’re not usually smart enough to climb. Tomorrow we have to go food supply shopping in case of an emergency or zombie attack and we have to hole up in here.” Courtney just sent a “wtf?” look over to Jasmine and Gwen while Scott looked worried.

“The zombies won’t be able to get in right?”

“No I don’t think so as I said. We will also need to get some guns…

“Woah there, no weapons allowed remember?” Jasmine asked, imagining what would happen if this guy got his hand on a weapon, none of it good. He seemed to have a few screws loose because zombies, really?

“True, well, we will have to make do with whatever we could find. Remember that you have to  hit where the brain would be because anywhere else and they will just keep on coming.

“Put me down you Neanderthal!” Heather pounded on his back. Alejandro roughly kicked the door shut and dropped her on the bed.

“Are you going to be a good girl?” he asked.

“I’m going to show him a good girl!” Heather yelled. “And you! HOW DARE YOU FOR THROWING ME OVER YOUR SHOULDER AND MAN-HANDLING ME!!”

“Don’t act like you didn’t enjoy it.” Alejandro grinned. Heather growled.

“I most certainly did not! That was the worst experience of my life!”

“Says the girl who sighed and only started fighting as soon as I entered the bedroom. You totally laid there otherwise.”

“Ugh why are we even talking? I need to get that guy!”

“He’s a housemate and it wouldn’t be very good for us or the show if he ends up dead the first day because you killed him in a fit of rage. Besides, he wasn’t looking to spy on you but check to make sure we’re safe from zombies.” Heather stared at him.


“Yeah, the guy is convinced that we’re nearing a zombie apocalypse or something and it is only a matter of time before the dead rise to eat off the living. Or something like that.”

“That’s insane. I can’t believe someone like him even got on this show.”

“I think that’s why he kind of did,” Alejandro said. “Anyway, he’s harmless enough. We have to be nice to him and everybody as we’re going to be living with them for three months. Anyways, are you calm enough to come downstairs without killing someone?”

“Ugh, fine. But he gets one more chance. I will destroy him if I see zombie guy come into my room without permission.”

“Cool. Let’s go greet our new partners.” Alejandro opened the door. “Ladies first.”

“As it should be.” Heather said snottily. They both headed down the stairs where the others were.

“Everybody is here and going to behave right?” Alejandro asked, looking directly at Heather.

“Yeah-yeah, who put you in charge?”

“I don’t see why not,” Alejandro said. “Any objections?” With the exception of a fuming Heather, they all looked at each other and shrugged. “Okay then we’re all in agreement. We should probably have our first house meeting now that we’re all here.”

“I’m leaving,” Heather said, turning to leave and Alejandro tugged her back.

“No you’re not, we have to finish introductions and then assign duties.”

“Can we not?”

“No, we are doing this. Anyways, let’s go through introductions again.”

“Duncan,” said the guy with the Mohawk.
“Jasmine!” Jasmine said excitedly.
“Gwen,” the blue-green haired artist said.
“Courtney,” Courtney said disinterestedly.
“Scott,” the red head with the absurd number of freckles said.
“Shawn,” the guy with the beanie said. He cowered when Heather glared at him.
“Heather,” she snapped out.

“And I’m Alejandro,” he flashed, smiling brightly exposing his clean white teeth.

“Where are you even looking towards?” Scott asked, turning his head to face the same direction.

“Who knows when we’re being watched,” Alejandro sad. “Cameras could be pointed at us anytime. Anyways back to a chore chart…”

“I’m out of here,” Heather said.

“Yeah, me too,” Courtney added as they both headed up the stairs. Shawn and Jasmine rushed up after them.

“I have to pick my room and keep Shawn out of trouble,” Scott said getting up to follow. Soon it was just Duncan and Alejandro.

“So…” Duncan started, tapping his fingers together. Alejandro sighed.

“You can go. I guess I will just do a confessional.” Duncan perked up.

“Where’s that? I am going to do one after you” Alejandro pointed past the hall running past the stairs.

“It’s that way.” Alejandro went into the room marked confessional and closed the door behind him. He stretched out on the couch to do a relaxed pose before he turned the camera on. Of course they were always being filmed, either overtly or through secret hidden cameras, but the confessional was one of the openly known cameras and a good place to vent private feelings and tell what one thinks.

“Hey, I’m Alejandro Burromuerto, first day at the house, night technically. Nothing much has happened yet. The house looks totally awesome and I will have to explore some more but yeah, it seems pretty nice. The other housemates are uh…different. My roommate is Duncan, he seems pretty cool and totally not the hard-ass punk he tries to look like. He seems more hyperactive and excitable than anything. What I think of Jasmine…well she’s tall. It’s rare that someone makes me feel short and she’s got to be 6’6 at least? She kind of reminds me of that giant lady Hagrid liked in the Harry Potter movies.” He grinned and licked his teeth. “It’s easy to tell all the girls are into me, even Heather although she tries to deny it. Courtney and Gwen pretty much melted when they saw me and Jasmine also seemed interested. Heather tries to put off a show of not liking people but when I carried her, she stopped fighting. She totally even pinched my butt.” Alejandro raised his arm and flexed. “I mean, who wouldn’t be interested? I don’t know much about Scott yet other than that he is very pockmarked and something is up with Shawn. His irrational obsession with zombies….I don’t know, it is a bit crazy. We will have to see if he would be a problem. I was hoping we could assign chores and who does what tonight but I guess it was not meant to be. We will have to do it though because I do not plan to live in a house with slobs.” Alejandro got up off the couch and turned the camera off.

“There, that should do it,” he muttered to himself. He opened the door and switched the sign where it said occupied to closed. “Hey Duncan?” he called out.

“Yeah?” Duncan’s voice echoed.

“The confessional’s open! Where are you?”

“Basement!” Duncan called back. Alejandro looked around and then found the door that opened to steps leading down. Alejandro made his way down to find Duncan standing in a large well-lit and surprisingly clean basement. There was a large screen tv, a humongous couch, a ton of games and gaming systems ranging from the PS2 and 3, the Wii, Xbox, Xbox360, Gamecube, and surprisingly an old NS64. There was also a foozball table, a pinball machine, and an air-hockey table.

“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!” Alejandro said making the cross. “This place is incredible!”

“Are you Catholic?” Duncan asked.

“Raised, not sure if practicing but force of habit” Alejandro said. “Just wow though.” His eyes and smile went even wider when he realized that there was another connection that went into a fancy state of the art gym that had machines and free weights for just about everything. He still planned to occasionally go into town for company and stuff but as a home thing this was freaking incredible.

“Oh yeah, that too,” Duncan said coming in behind him.

“It’s all so…so…”

“Amazing?” Duncan added helpfully.


“Okay then. I’m going to go do my confession now okay?”

“Sure sure,” Alejandro said waving at him. Duncan went up the stairs for his turn at the professional. He cursed when he discovered someone had already beaten him to it in the brief time Alejandro had finished and came to the basement so Duncan waited there for whoever was in there to leave.
8 strangers picked to live in a house and have their lives taped, to find out what happens when one stops being polite and starts being real.

“Hello friends, my name is Alejandro Burromuerto. And yes, I am aware of the joke because people make fun of my name all the time. Anyhow, I am the son of Juan Emrillo Estava Deker Burromeurto which unless you follow politics probably is a name you’ve never heard of but my dad is a real shaker behind the scenes as a representative of banks, countries, prime ministers….but enough about that boring stuff.” Alejandro looked at the camera and makes a disgusted face. “Politics as a whole bores me which disappoints my dad but whatever. At least I know the ins and outs. No, what I do is that I am an extreme competition enthusiast. I compete in everything from mountain climbing, biking, canoeing, swimming, running, the iron man triathlon, bodybuilding, modeling, you name it. I am the face cover of many magazines elsewhere, and one of Canada’s, and other places, most eligible bachelors younger than 30. Frankly, I’m good at everything.”

“Hey, I’m Gwen Stevens. I’m an artist, trying to get my name out there. I was hoping to do this show to show off some of my work and get my name out there. Umm, I don’t really have anything exciting about me, not really…you should meet my pet lizard. Nice isn’t he?” She picks him up and pets him. “Um, I also love movies, horror and stuff. I consider myself a horror buff which as you can tell is reflected in these pictures.” Shows off the pictures. “But don’t worry, I don’t only do horror work. I also do more traditional stuff but I feel it’s good to expand horizons and genres.”

“I’m Shawn Gregors, zombie expert and prepared to survive when the zombie apocalypse happens and life as we know it changes when most of the world gets eaten or turned into zombies. I have finally stockpiled enough food to last a year once everything goes off the grid, ammo and guns, and started building the ultimate shelter that could also double as an atomic bomb shelter should the US and Russia start heading towards nuclear war again or somebody else. As I don’t know which type of zombies are going to populate the world since they could be fast or slow, I’m ready for both. I can sleep with my eyes open in case of zombie attack, and have catlike reflexes should the undead try to sneak up on me. I-“
“Boo!” leaps out a figure with a disfigured face and Shawn screams.
“ZOMBIE! ZOMBIE!” Shawn does an impressive couple backflips towards his bed and cowers. Laughing can be heard.

“Hey, I’m Heather Campbell, and I’m the meanest, baddest bitch you’ll ever meet.” She pops bubblegum in her mouth while smirking. “No, I’m serious. People have called me that. Of course, they’re all losers that are jealous of how popular I am but that is right. I’m here for this lame show as a stepping stone to have my own reality show ‘All About Heather’ which as you can guess would be all about me helping people with their horrible fashion sense or correcting stupid people of their stupid opinions. I’ve always wanted to travel and go places and this seems as good an opportunity as any. I don’t really care who you put me with, I’ll put them all in their place. As long as they follow the rules, we will be able to get along but if not, well…” she smiles brightly, teeth glinting. “I’ll bring out the claws.”

“Hey, I’m Duncan Evans. I kind of always wanted to be on tv and stuff and I love this show so I thought to myself why not make a tape and see if they select me so that is what I did. You can call me kind of a criminal as I been to juvie and shit for two years.” He laughed. “It actually isn’t as fun and glamorous as you think. It’s actually terrible and that is minor league compared to jail with the big boys. I would have ended up there if not for a friendly social worker who got me on a reduced sentence and temporary home arrest. I thank them every day and I have mostly cleaned up. Mostly.” He smirked. “I still like to cruise and have fun sometimes and old habits die hard. I’ve gotten better at not getting caught though but even if I did, it wouldn’t be anything I would go to jail for. Also, I love the ladies, sometimes dudes, but really, mainly the ladies.”

“Hey guys, I’m Jasmine Irwin! I am actually a native resident of Australia but I wanted to see if I could give this show a go if that is allowed. Oh and I am not related to the Crocodile Hunter, it is just a coincidence we share the name and have a thing for wild animals. Anyhow, I have this dream of a floral boxing gym where people could both buy flowers and get a good boxing in. I’ve been told that’s silly and stupid but why can’t a girl do both? Why does one have to either stick to beauty or strength? I want to combine both my passions for flowers and kickboxing into the ultimate place that would appeal to both types and even show that it is okay to be both strong and like flowers. After all, plants are survivors and I am a survivor as well. I hope to be able to work on making my dream of the floral boxing gym a reality while on the show and to spread the word. Also, I do not plan to fall in love. I know how these shows work and it is not happening. Not even if the guy is really cute. Well maybe if they were…I mean it’s not happening! Guys tend to find me a tad aggressive and intimidating anyhow for some reason, I can’t imagine why.”

“Yo, my names Scott Messier. Um, I don’t know what to say about me…I live out on the farm with my family and we share a single tv set. When not doing work I like to sneak and watch reality tv and as much as I love farm life, I think it’d be cool to be on tv and stuff. Oh and money, yeah I like money. I don’t know many people other than my cousins, some of them downright strange, so this will be a good educational experience for me. What else…cow tipping is fun, um spraying painting, hunting, killing those dang pesky rodents who try to get into our food supply and I’m a pretty good shot if I say so, and so forth. I hope you pick me because that would be awesome.

Hello, my name is Courtney Stone. I’m auditioning for TDTV in order to travel, meet experience, and have another thing to put on my resume of being a lawyer because should something happen, my career won’t be shot as hard as it would be if I run for political office like I was originally going to. I like to compete and win which is why I would make a good lawyer. Got a case you can’t handle? Bring it to Courtney Stone who will roll over opponents and win your case! Or something like that, I’m still working on my slogan. I’m currently attending law school but they thought it would be a good idea if I would go out and learn some people skills or something which will help my case so here I am! I was also the class president and valedictorian at my high school. A couple of sore losers said I cheated and used illegal intimidation of the competition but I most certainly did not! If you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen is what I say. Anyhow, you should choose me! Or I will sue your asses in a couple years when I become a successful prosecutor and would drag this show through the ringer.”

“Hey, are you Alejandro Burrimorto?” Alejandro turned to see a guy with piercings and green Mohawk come walking up to him, dragging a rolling suitcase behind him.

“It’s Burromuerto and yes, I am.”

“Oh thank you. I wasn’t sure if I was heading in the right direction or found the right person. My name’s Duncan.” Duncan held out his hand to shake. Alejandro shook the offered hand.

“I’m Alejandro but you knew that. I assume you must be one of the other cast members I’m going to be living with?”

“Yeah I am. It’s pretty awesome we got picked right?” Duncan asked smiling.

“Indeed it is,” Alejandro replied.

“What now?”

“It looks like our ride has arrived,” Alejandro said pointing to a vehicle that had just pulled up to the airport. A guy had stepped out holding signs with their names on it. They headed over to the van.

“Are you two Alejandro Burromuerto and Duncan Evans?” The guy asked.
“Indeed we are,” Alejandro told him.
“Okay then, we can head to the house. The others will be picked up elsewhere.”
“So do you think we will be the first ones there?” Duncan asked Alejandro.
“I don’t know. Perhaps, perhaps not.”
“Well, do you want to room together if we are?”

“I don’t see why not.” Duncan started chattering excitedly and Alejandro looked out the window to watch the scenery, listening only enough to give responses when asked a question but otherwise tuning out.

Scene change
“Hi, how are you?” Heather turned and looked. She then craned her head back and back, uncomfortably so, to see Jasmine’s face. Her head was creaking and it was really awkward.

“Are you a giraffe?” Heather asked.
“Um what?” Jasmine asked.
“You’re very tall, how do you even fit places?”
“Yeah it’s sometimes difficult. Anyway, you are?”
“Heather. You’re the tallest person I’ve ever seen.”

“I get that a lot,” Jasmine said. She was used to everyone always commenting on her height and to be fair, she was a giant. She was taller than just about everyone she had ever met and people sometimes literally asked if she was an amazon or part giantess. She wondered herself because the only people taller than her are 7+ foot basketball players. That was the next question she always got asked is if she played or would consider basketball playing. She didn’t because she personally didn’t really care for it and at the champion level where all of a sudden everyone was just as tall or taller, she actually wasn’t very good. One actually did need skill and basketball honestly wasn’t her thing. Plus, the pay sucked in comparison if she would have been a guy and it was just a bad vibe for her.

“So, um, want to get in our ride?” Heather and Jasmine got into the van with Jasmine taking up a lot of leg space forcing Heather against the side. “Sorry about this,” Jasmine said.

“It’s…no problem,” Heather grimaced a smile, trying to be nice. While she normally wouldn’t have cared about being nice, Jasmine was different and looked like she could crush Heather just sitting on her, and almost was in this car, and she was actually intimidating.

Scene Change
“Hey, are you Scott?” a guy with a beanie hat asked as he approached.
“What’s it to you?”
“Well, I’m Shawn and I guess we’re going to be roommates!”
“But I didn’t say I was Scott.”

“Shit, did I get the wrong person? I thought from the description I was given you would be Scott.”

“No I am, just messing with you. They told you I was coming?”
“Uh-huh. I was told to look for a red-head with freckle skin and that it would be very recognizable which it is. What took so long?”

“My plane got delayed at the last minute and I had to switch flights. Anyhow, did you know that the airport contains a lot of people? Because it does.”

“Um, yeah glad you’re here. We can go to the house now. I wonder if people have already arrived before us. I need to be able to choose the most easily defensible room.”

“Why do you need the most defensible room?” Scott asked.

To defend against the zombie invasion.” Shawn said. Scott stared at him trying to see if he was serious. Shawn looked very serious.

“Okay then….” Scott muttered. “Um, do you like pudding?”
“Yeah I have some extra and I don’t know if you want any.”

“Sure! I love pudding!” Scott handed some over and gave a spoon when they got in the car and they ate pudding.

Scene Change
“THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! I WILL NOT PUT UP WITH THIS, WHEN I GET BACK I WILL HAVE YOUR HEAD!” Gwen winced at the loud shrill voice and she already had a sickness in the pit of her stomach. Please don’t let her be a member, please don’t let her be a member, please don’t let her be a member…suddenly she saw the screamer marching towards her with a pissed off expression.

“Are you Gwen?” she asked, rather rudely and Gwen shuddered.
“Yes I am. You are?”

“Courtney. My no good contract lawyer fucked it up. I knew I should have gone over the contract myself but apparently I was screwed over and signed over rights and a large chunk of earnings over to TDTV and prevented from being a public figure for much of anything without TDTV’s permissions nor do I have any say in what can or can’t be shown on television.”

“Wow, that sucks.”
“Yes it does. It was in everybody’s contract.”
“Wait what?”
“Did you read it?”

“Well essentially TDTV owns us and our lives and can show whatever they want or take things out of context to put whatever scenario they want to make. I had anticipated such a thing when signing but my lawyer assured me he would fight for fairness as I did not have time to read the document myself. Unfortunately it looks like they snagged a hole buried in the revisions that still allow them total rights blah blah blah, you know how it goes.”

“Why did you sign up them?” Gwen asked curiously.

“To introduce myself to the world and build my reputation for my prosecuting skills and to try to undo any rumors of intimidation and foul play that might be swirling around some of my tactics in both high school and law school. Plus, I was told I needed to work on my people skills because some people find me too abrasive and irritating. Me, abrasive and irritating! It is utterly ridiculous.”

“Yeah,” Gwen muttered. “Totally.” Fortunately, Courtney seemed to miss the skepticism and thought that was genuine.

“You bet it is. Anyhow, we’re all pretty much slaves of reality tv who can make us do whatever they wish.”
“At least we’re getting paid,” Gwen said.

“That is true.” Courtney said more happily before she got serious again. “But that’s only if we stay the entire time and do what they want. So um…I guess now I ask what you like to do or something right? So Gwen, what do you like to do?” Gwen sighed as she settled herself in for a long ride ahead and felt an unfortunate pounding in her head due to the combination of a long flight and the annoying roommate next to her that either ranted and raved or was just way to friendly at the moment when all Gwen wanted to do was put on some music and drown out the world and her throbbing head.
TDTV Real World
Total Drama TV is a reality show based on a certain MTV Show called the Real World where 8 strangers are picked and live together in a house. In this world, nobody has participated on the show called Total Drama and any such events have not happened. I have tried to maintain their total drama personalities as much as possible but there probably will be slight changes.

Obvious Pairings-Alejandro/Heather, Duncan/Gwen, Courtney/Scott, Shawn/Jasmine
Others-To be seen, I can't spoil the surprise.

Disclaimer that I do not own Total Drama, its characters or related ideas. Nor do I own the rights to MTV's the Real World and am not making profit. This is a purely fanfictional work for my love of both shows.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
“I hate you! I never want to see your face again!” It came completely out of left field and he was stunned when his girlfriend of two years started yelling at him. “I never want to see your lying cheating ass ever again you prick! Get out!”

“I don’t understand, why are you so upset?” He asked confused. She looked at him angrily.

“You thought I wouldn’t find out?”

“Find out what?”

“That you were hooking up with Gwen behind my back!”

“What are you talking about? Me and Gwen are just friends!”

“Yeah, ‘just friends.’ Just friends who had their tongues down each other’s throats at the party a few weeks ago!” Duncan winced. He had forgotten that but it wasn’t that big a deal. After all, drunken mistakes happen. It had been a bad day with Courtney once again nagging at him about his friends, his life, about everything even the way he dressed and talked. He had needed some time away from her and so when he found out about the party he had to go, it also was a bit of an f-you to Courtney though he had no intent of telling her about it. So he was down and buying some drinks and then one drink turned to two and then six and then he had lost count. He saw Gwen who looked absolutely stunning that night and she was also having boyfriend troubles so he and Gwen got to talking about their relationships, he had been really wasted then, and well it turned into a sloppy kiss which had become more passionate and then he had taken her to an upstairs room. She looked amazing and sick of the shit with Courtney, Duncan had wanted to sleep with Gwen but Gwen had somehow found the willpower to stop them and push him off saying he was drunk. He certainly had been but he still tried. She pushed him off again and then they just laid together in the bed as he had passed out.

So it was an almost event, but Duncan had not had sex with Gwen. He had been relieved the next day even if a part of him had wished it happened, but as his friend that would have been awkward and Gwen actually was in love with Trent. He thanked her for stopping him and she said don’t mention it and they agreed that they wouldn’t have talked about it. Courtney must have found out somehow from someone with a big blabbermouth. If he ever found out who it was, they were going to be in so much trouble. As it was though…

“Nothing happened!” he shouted. “Sure I kissed her but nothing else! I was drunk!”

“You always are. But Heather told me she saw you and Gwen going up into one of the bedrooms.” Duncan swore internally. Heather was such a blabbermouth and butting into everyone’s business where it was not wanted.

“And you believed her? She’s not exactly what you call a trustworthy person.”

“I know. I didn’t believe her at first either but when I talked to Bridgette she said something similar and I believe her as unlike you, she’s not a liar.”

“I haven’t lied! Okay yes me and Gwen went to the room and I wanted to fuck her but nothing happened!” Duncan shouted annoyed by Courtney’s tone. Her eyes narrowed and moved forward. Duncan took a step back.

“Excuse me? Did you say you wanted to?” Shit he had. He was so frazzled things had just come out of his mouth.

“Well it’s not like we’ve been doing anything.” Duncan really wished he could put a foot in his mouth to stop the verbal deluge from coming out.

“How dare you! You know I’ve been busy with classes!”

“I know but even before then you haven’t been with me. I mean, it’s been over a year. A whole year I’ve been good. Do you know how hard that was? Especially since you treat me like dirt.”

“I treat you like dirt?”

“Yeah you do, always criticizing and complaining, acting all moody and sullen all the time. You’ve changed Courtney. You nag nag nag at me all the time, complaining about my looks, insulting my friends, make nasty rude comments, tell everyone what an ignorant buffoon I am all the time and in my hearing of all things, what an awful person I am, how you are only with me out of pity...” Duncan stopped there catching his breath.

“And we fight all the time and you throw things at me and I’ve lost count of how many times you hit me and I let you because you were drunk or depressed or out of your mind hoping it would let whatever is eating at you out. But you continue to do it. Then you started seeing that guy Jose or whatever and I’m sick of it.

“Me and Jose are just friends,” Courtney said.

“Yeah, friends with benefits. Just stop lying, I saw you too. What do you think made me so upset I had to drink and then want to sleep with Gwen?”

“That is a lie!”

“No it’s not! It wasn’t just that one time either! I had to hear from DJ and Geoff about the times they saw you on campus talking to the douche and you kissed him and he’d kiss you back and give you some sort of present. I found the jewelry he gave you.”

“We never had sex!” Courtney shouted.

“Neither did Gwen and I and stop lying you bitch! Worst of all is that I don’t care and still love you. I still come home to you even if you’ve been with another man hoping you would get it and become the Courtney I loved. But you’re just a whore!” That felt good. Duncan felt exhilarated and free at letting out his pent up frustrations. He had wanted to say something for the longest time. Suddenly there was a crack across his face and then another. She then kicked him between his legs and he fell down hard. Between tears in his eyes, he looked up and saw a bestial look of rage on Courtney’s face. She looked ready to kill. She was going to kill him. Suddenly there was a spotlight in their faces and the police came out of nowhere and restrained her. Cuffs were slipped on him as well but even so, never was he so glad to have the police come and arrest him. Courtney was acting like a freaking lunatic and yelling she was going to get a lawyer to fight this unlawful arrest and sue their asses back to the Stone Age for this imbalance of justice.

It turned out it was their neighbor Sierra. She was a bit crazy herself and was always getting involved in everyone’s business but she was the one who had called the police to their house when she saw that things were getting out of hand. He was going to have to shake her hand and thank her. He might even agree to do that stupid photo-shoot she wanted, he was so happy. She had just saved his life calling the police. No one else had. He knew that there were others peeping through windows to see what was going in but none of the other bastards called. They just watched the show. He could have been beaten to death out there before anyone made a call and he wouldn’t have put it past Courtney. He did not know how but she was a black belt karate master without the self-control which is putting weapons into the hands of idiots who desperately want to use them.

He was lead into the interrogation room where they took of the handcuffs and in walks the most beautiful man Duncan had ever seen. While Duncan normally considered himself straight and liked girls, most of the time, the term beautiful certainly applied to this shining perfect example of the human race that all standards look towards. Straight white perfect teeth, a smile betwixt a smirk and a laugh, eyes that shone with intelligence, a piercing intimate stare, long silky smooth black hair, a muscular toned fit body evident beneath the blue police uniform, tall but not too tall like 6 feet, etc. It was completely disarming. The stranger was only a few feet away and was leaning forward and Duncan dropped his mouth open in awe.

“Um, what are you doing?” The guy asked and Duncan was snapped out of it.

“Huh?” he asked.

“What were you doing?” asked the stranger and Duncan almost felt himself fall under what spell the guy was casting before he shook his head, trying to clear his head of whatever hormones or magic spell the guy was casting over him. He was betting those lips were as plush as they looked but he was not going to say that.

“Nothing.” Duncan took a seat in the chair and watched Mr. Perfect do the same. He must have stepped into an alternative universe because there is no way a person could be that beautiful and a policeman. There had to be a flaw somewhere.

“Your girlfriend Courtney has been arrested,” the guy said and Duncan was surprised.


“For resistance, assaulting a police officer, making a scene, etc.” He winced for a second. “Damn that girl was loud. I’ve seen my share of out of control girls who certainly make a fuss but I have never heard a more annoying voice in my life.”

“Tell me about it. So why am I here?” Duncan asked.

“I just need your statement about what’s going on, you’re not in trouble this time.”

“Hey are you new because I’ve never seen you before,” Duncan said. “I would definitely remember you if I had.”

“Yeah, I’m a rookie. I just graduated academy a few weeks ago.”

“Congratulations,” Duncan said. “So how long is the bitch going to serve?”

“A few weeks while an investigation is taken and depending on the results may go to court.”

“I see.” Duncan remained silent for a moment.

“Anyhow, what’s your name?” He finally asked.


“Alejandro huh? Well let’s just get this done okay? What do you want to know?”

After giving his statement a couple of times and telling Alejandro things he had never told anybody else like Courtney hitting him and just exactly how often it happened and what she said about him, he watched Alejandro’s face wince as he shook his head.

“You should have come in sooner,” Alejandro told him. “That sort of stuff you went through, it isn’t right.”

“I guess not, but it was just Courtney. I couldn’t do that to her. Not to mention no one would believe me. Very few ever do. Even if they had, they wouldn’t have done something. Courtney has a way of intimidating people.”

“Well this certainly changes things. I’m going to try to keep her as far away from you as possible and try to put her where she belongs.”

“Good luck,” Duncan said seriously. “Can I go?” Before he did something stupid.

“Yes.” Duncan nodded and he started out the door before stopping.

“I just realized I’m single,” he said turning to look at Alejandro. Alejandro had a blank face though that he couldn’t read.

“Good for you.” Slightly disappointed Duncan nodded and left.

He must have been in a shock or daze because when he woke up the next day, Duncan had completely forgotten what happened and tried to call and look for her before he remembered what had happened. When he did, he felt like laughing and jumping for joy. It was a good thing he was alone because he actually did, turning on his favorite music and fist-pumping and bouncing around like a kid on sugar. He was finally free of her! One would have thought that he would have been at least a little sad but he really wasn’t. In fact, it felt like there was a great weight that had been removed from him. That made a point to him that if he had been that miserable, why hadn’t he left sooner and why on earth had he loved her? He wasn’t sure of the answers himself but at least she was gone from his life, assuming she went to jail for a bit. She also had a restraining order against her from approaching him.  

Heading out to the club the first time in months, Duncan got himself a drink and was sitting there when who should walk in but Alejandro. He wasn’t in his police uniform but was in a red button up with the top buttons undone showing off the top of his chest, and blue jeans. Duncan tried to hide but Alejandro must have seen him as next thing he knew, Alejandro was right there beside him ordering his own drink. Glancing over, Alejandro acted surprised to see him.

“Oh hey Duncan! What are you doing here?”

“Umm, celebrating?” Perhaps it was just alcohol induced fantasy but Duncan felt that Alejandro seemed to be checking him out. At least he hoped so, and not seeing if he was actually old enough to drink which would be just awkward. Alejandro’s eyes gazed into what felt like the deepest part of his soul and next thing he knows, Duncan is asking Alejandro to dance with him. With a smirk, Alejandro agreed and they both went to the floor where they got it going.

Duncan was surprised that Alejandro was an amazing dancer. The way he danced had to have been a crime. Everyone watched the man of steel break down on the floor and it was an amazing show. It almost shamed Duncan to watch because he there was no way anyone could match that but when Alejandro grabbed and dragged him out, he pretty much was forced to dance with him. It was fun dancing and then they had shots, then they danced some more. Then they had more shots together which was a bit weird but sure didn’t feel like it. The irony was that it wasn’t Duncan who was the first to break. Alejandro must have less control when drinking so next thing Duncan knows, Alejandro was twerking against him, not that Duncan really cared. Course he was a bit drunk himself, but not like Alejandro who was beginning to do some weird silly things that Duncan wondered how on earth Alejandro became a police officer. Pulling the bigger man behind him, they made their way out when Alejandro pushed him against an alley wall and started kissing him roughly.

It was a bit of a surprise but Duncan enjoyed it. Alejandro’s lips really were that plush and smooth and he was a good kisser, despite the drunken sloppiness. Being the more sober one for once, Duncan had to regrettably interrupt and turn his head away which made Alejandro kiss his cheek instead. Making an annoyed huff, Alejandro tried again before Duncan could shake his head. When Alejandro tried to suck on his mouth, Duncan pulled back hard.

“No. I’ve got a better idea.” Alejandro looked at him confused.

“Let’s head to my place.” It took a few moments for it to sink into Alejandro’s alcohol fogged mind but then he grinned.

“Okay.” He followed Duncan to his car when he suddenly checked the license plates and tail lights.”

“Really?” Duncan asked.

“It’s against…against the law if you drive without them but you’re all good.” Alejandro said goofily. It was beginning to feel surreal this whole thing but Duncan shrugged it off, pulling Alejandro into the car and then getting in himself.

“Headlights,” Alejandro told him and Duncan rolled his eyes as he turned them on. He was fully aware thank you very much! It was actually kind of funny though driving a drunk officer who himself went beyond the legal limit and probably would have been arrested if Alejandro had tried to drive. Soon they were back at his house and the minute they went in the door, Alejandro was on him again. It was clear what he wanted which made Duncan horny as well. It had been a long enough time after all and Alejandro was absolutely stunning, perhaps even more so with his hair mussed up like that, sweating from all that dancing and his clothes all askew. It was hard to keep Alejandro off until they reached the bedroom but as soon as they did, Alejandro’s face lit up in recognition. Reaching for Duncan, he grabbed air as Duncan moved back.

“Where are your handcuffs?” he asked teasingly.

“In my car,” Alejandro said. Duncan shook his head before grinning.

“Hang on, I got a pair of my own,” he said rummaging through his drawer.

“Why do you have handcuffs?” Alejandro asked almost soberly.

“Having had them slipped on enough times, I had to have a pair of my own, especially since I discovered how fun they could be.” Alejandro laid there while Duncan cuffed both hands to the headboard. Taking a breath, Duncan looked and appreciated the sight before him before he reached out and pretty much ripped Alejandro’s clothes off, buttons flying. Soon Alejandro was shirtless and he was built. Clearly he went to the gym a lot which made sense since police officers generally had to be in good shape, though not always given the stereotype of fat donut loving policemen, but in this case Alejandro was. There didn’t seem to be any extra fat anywhere really except for the slight bloat from the number of drinks both had consumed, but otherwise hard muscle. A perfect six pack, thick biceps and chest, tanned, it was beautiful. Running his hands up and down, Duncan shivered in pleasure as did Alejandro as he traced each and every plane.

It was very different from being with a girl, though he hadn’t been with anyone for such a while that it was taking quite a bit of his taxed self-restraint to not rush to the good part. Soon enough his shirt came off as well before he resumed his exploration. It was fascinating how pale white he was against Alejandro. Duncan wasn’t someone who tanned and while he wasn’t albino pale, his skin was pretty light and burned easy if he left it exposed for too long in the sun. It was kind of annoying but he lived with it and he didn’t go to the beach that often so it didn’t matter. He kind of wished he had skin like Alejandro’s though. It was gorgeous.

Even though Alejandro was the one cuffed to the bed, Duncan was the one all of a sudden feeling exposed. Just looking at Alejandro then brought feelings of inadequacy at the most inopportune moment which almost ruined the mood as he became self-conscious of all of his flaws. Like the fact that he hadn’t done this for a while, especially with a guy, and that said guy was a fitness god and while he didn’t look so bad, he had put on a bit of weight around his middle in recent months with less gym time and more eating. If only it was a few months ago when he actually had abs instead of this somewhat flabby gut.

“What are you waiting for?” Alejandro grumbled. “Just get on with it.”

“I’m not…disgusting am I?” Duncan asked.

“Are you serious right now?” Alejandro asked.


“You look great so hurry up and f*** me already.” Alejandro demanded. That sounded like a bit of a lie because ‘he looks great?’ There was no way he did but it made Duncan motivated to do it before Alejandro sobered up and realized what a bad idea this was. Getting ready he felt Alejandro’s hard muscles again as he slowly yanked down Alejandro’s pants. Then he reached for Alejandro’s boxers and stopped for a moment as he felt what was inside. Oh god this was going to hurt a bit as it was huge. He couldn’t wait and slid them off using his teeth.

It was huge as he expected. Looking at Alejandro, he saw Alejandro grinning at him and gesturing. Alright then let’s do this. “I’m going to give you the ride of your life,” Duncan said to Alejandro who smirked.

“Get to it,” he demanded bossily which especially excited his, not that it hadn’t been before. It was hurting and it was a struggle to get his pants off, though he masked it off by pretending it was a game as he slowly inched his pants off. He doubted if Alejandro bought it but he looked entranced all the same which was a total turn-on. Then, Duncan did as he was told.

When Duncan awoke, he had been curled around Alejandro’s big chest. “Hey there,” he felt it rumble and Duncan looked up into those brilliant eyes.

“Hi,” he said shyly. He felt a lot more embarrassed now than he had last night, though he certainly did not regret it.

“That was fun,” Alejandro drawled.

“You’re still here,” Duncan said in surprise.

“Of course I am. Kind of the point of handcuffs don’t you think?”

“Well yeah but surely you know how to get out of those?” Duncan said.

“Oh I do and I could have left these at any time but this was so much more fun.”

“You…liked it?” Duncan asked.

“I thought that would be obvious from last night considering. Oh and you’re a wild tiger rawrr.”

“What the heck?” Duncan asked confused.

“I don’t know but you certainly had energy which was amazing.” With a couple of twists and a clink, Alejandro’s hands were free.

So you really could have done that at any time,” Duncan said impressed and then realized the implications. Alejandro smirked at his expression.

“Yep, I was hoping for a bit of a repeat.”

“You’re not drunk,” Duncan said in shock.

“Nope, completely sober right now.”

“And you still want to have sex with me?”


“Aren’t there some rules or something against that?”

“We’re two consenting legal age adults are we not?”

“I guess true…but I’m not ugly?”

“I would have thought we established this as I want to do it again.”

“But I’m not as good-looking as you and I have a bit of…” Duncan jiggled his gut slightly, showing him. Alejandro grinned slightly.

“Oh come on, that’s hardly anything. I’m not a fitness Nazi for other people and I’ve seen far worse. Besides it suits you and it sure as heck didn’t slow you down last night.” Alejandro waggled his eyebrows suggestively in a way that made Duncan laugh. “There you go, just smile man. You have a cute smile.”

“So this wasn’t just a booty call?” Duncan asked.

“Not in the slightest. I would have escaped my handcuffs and left already if it was. Also, I don’t pick out random people for one night stands, especially sad sexy ones like you, no matter how drunk I am.”

“Uh yeah,” Duncan said, not sure what to do with that.

“You’re actually quite pretty” This was getting weird and Duncan wondered if he was getting punked.

“No I’m not. Not like you.”

“No you are. Anyhow, enough with the self-deprecation. I’m hungry and I either want food, sex, or both, whichever’s good with you.”

“I guess we could have breakfast?” Duncan asked,

“Okay, breakfast it is. I’m going to make scrambled eggs. Sound good?”

“Okay. I think I have some eggs,” Duncan said. This was bizarre, and he hoped that if this was just some dream he wouldn’t wake up yet. Alejandro smirked as he made himself at home in the kitchen, making eggs.

“So…” Duncan started.

“So…” Alejandro replied back waiting.

“Thanks for making breakfast?”

“You’re welcome.” They waited there in silence then while Alejandro made the eggs. When they were done, Duncan got plates and set up the table for them. Sitting down they started on the eggs.

“Wow these are really good,” Duncan said, sounding surprised.

“They are,” Alejandro agreed, smirking as Duncan hurriedly ate them and then got up to help himself to another serving. Alejandro ate more slowly, just enjoying Duncan’s reactions. While he agreed he was a pretty good cook, it was just simple eggs. Duncan clearly liked them though as he even got thirds since Alejandro had made quite a bit. He could see how Duncan put on weight but as he told Duncan, a bit of belly suited him. It could even stand to be bigger should that happen. At the minute though Duncan was leaning back in the chair, hands on his stomach in contentment

“That was –uuurrppp-good,” Duncan said as he rubbed his stomach.

"Glad you liked it,” Alejandro said as he put his hands onto Duncan’s stomach and started rubbing it as well. “Ready for more of last night?”

“Nah, I’m too full right now,” Duncan said.

“That’s okay. Let me return the favor,” Alejandro said as he knelt down and played with the rim of Duncan’s pants. Duncan didn’t say no.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
10 Song Challenge Frozen

1. Escape-Enrique Iglesisias
Kristoff loved Ana. He always had, even if sometimes he had no idea how to show it. That was part of the problem and why Ana had left him. She was someone who needed someone to constantly take care of her, physically and emotionally and Kristoff was kind of bad at that. Like the ice he loved so much, his feelings could seem cold to those who were not familiar and Ana was more warm and as much as he tried the cold and the heat didn’t go together so she ended up with this other guys Hans. Kristoff didn’t hate Hans as Hans was actually a pretty good guy for Ana. Sure Kristoff wished it was him but it wasn’t. He would always love Ana forever though.

2. G.U.Y.
Everyone knew he was a pushover for Ana. He would do anything she asked him and happily. Fortunately Ana wasn’t a cold manipulative bitch like most people in that position were. However she was “The Guy”. And yes, she actually used that term to describe her dominance over him. Even when she had him ride her they both knew it was Ana who called the shots, which was ironic for a person who had previously been sheltered and unexperienced. But Kristoff loved the feeling of Ana dominating him and taught her how to be in charge until now she was a pro.

3. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun-Girl Authority
Ana was the rebellious child. While Elsa did everything their parents told them, Ana was the one who went out, got wild, and partied it up. It was a bit embarrassing the number of times she had drunkenly called Elsa asking her to pick her up instead of their parents as mom and dad would freak. Elsa picked her up as she didn’t want Ana to do something stupid like try to drive herself home or get a ride with a stranger who might turn out to be a serial killer or something. She also questioned Ana’s taste in men. Hans turned out to be a cheating jerk and Kristoff was…well he was okay but not all that bright. She did acknowledge though the guy was hot. But seriously, Ana could do a lot better.

4. Give Your Heart A Break-Glee Version
Ana remembered the first day she met Kristoff. There had been an instant connection, as much as he had then tried to deny or minimize it. It was like fate as after that moment, their lives became intertwined when she had met them in that club. She had tried to deny her feelings too as she had recently gotten out of a bad relationship with her on-off-on-off boyfriend Hans. She had stupidly thought she loved Hans but whatever feelings she had for him were far outmatched by what she had for her blonde giant. Winning him over hadn’t been easy as he had been screwed by pretty much everyone in his life. Ana had been horrified to hear some of the things that had happened to him but they gave each other’s heart a break at last.

5. Go the Distance-Lucas Grabeel
Kristoff had always dreamed of being a hero. Orphaned and alone he had been picked up by a family of Trolls. He loved his family of course but also desired the company of some (good) humans. Some experiences were not so positive but he still dreamed, even though he denied it to himself and others. He wanted to be noticed and loved and the adventure with Ana allowed him that. He had not wanted to leave her after going the distance of rescuing her, and he still needed to be paid and he had lost a sled, but realizing she was going to turn to ice, he took her back to Hans. What a mistake that had been but it was a true enough act of love and he loved her.

6. Guy Love-The Blanks
Kristoff had always thought he was straight. He had a beautiful girlfriend who he does love dearly and he was the quintessential jock on the football and hockey team. Everyone wanted to be him or with him. His best friend other than Ana was Hans and was his best bro and wingman. Lately though he had been having thoughts involving him as well as Ana and it was confusing, especially when he saw Hans cross-dress, which was hilarious and he actually surprisingly looked great, for the auction. Touching him now gave him the same sizzling fire as he had with Ana and surely wanting to kiss his bro was not very heterosexual of him so what was he to do?

7. Hey Mickey-The Riplets
Ana wanted Kristoff the moment she saw him. He was big, brawny, blonde, and utterly gorgeous. So she was surprised when he seemed to return the same feelings when he asked her out. That was before she knew of his reputation though. As cute as Kristoff could be, he had a reputation a mile long of woman he slept with and left. Ana had hoped she could change him and for a while it seemed she had made progress. But it was only superficial before he had hooked up with her sister which was pretty fucked up.

8. Hook Me Up-The Veronicas
Ana was frustrated. Everyone thought she was so innocent and it didn’t help she was innocent and always a goody-goody. But sometimes she wanted to act wild and crazy and see how people would react when they saw the real her she felt inside. She was animal waiting to break free of its cage. So she thought it would be a good idea to do something stupid, like hook up in a one night-stand. That would be both fun and shocking to everyone. Fortunately she ran into this gorgeous guy who would do it. His name was Kristoff and he was big, blonde, muscular, and willing to have a little fun, especially after finding out she would pay him. Surprisingly, he was worth all the expense and it went from one night-stand to their sort of relationship but not really.

9. Hunting High and Low-Stratovarius
Hans needed freedom from his large family. As much as he loved them, they could, and were, definitely smothering. He needed his freedom to find his own space and life. Being one of 13, 13!, children he was constantly surrounded. The minute he had the chance though, he took the opportunity to leave and go on an adventure hunting for the vision in his heart of a home and someone who actually loved him that wasn’t divided among many people. Something or someone for him and only him. It was only by coincidence he bumped into Ana that day and for once in his life he felt like he had finally found something.

10. I Think I love You-The Partridge Family
Kristoff hadn’t wanted to fall in love. He hadn’t. So when he started dreaming of Ana he knew he was in trouble. They were mostly good dreams which left him disappointed when he woke up. It was too bad in real life Ana actually hated him since she thought he was some weird creepy stalker. Just cause he followed her home a few times after seeing her without even having planned it or sending her flowers or always trying to talk to her. He sucked at that though as his words always caught or turned into gibberish and him sounding like a babbling idiot. One day he was just going to lose it and scream out to the world he loved Ana. Today happened to be that day and he actually got down on one knee and proposed to her in the coffee shop to go on a date. Sure there were some laughs and Ana had a sick expression on her face but she said yes which was awesome.
Last Saturday, I graduated from College which is both exciting and terrifying. Great because a college degree is essentially needed (though some jobs shouldn't nor does college benefit all jobs but the type I'm looking for does) but now I have to figure out what I'm going to do. I probably will go to Graduate School for Psychology in probably clinical or whatever program does both research and clinical, but at the moment I have to look for opportunities and internships that take people with a B.A.. All I got to say is please be paid. Otherwise I might have to do internship and a meh low-wage job. Though, that would still be more money than I've earned working in the past.


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United States
I'm Fluffy Otters, 20, and male. I love Otters and Wolves and all manner of furry creatures.

Favourite genre of music: Varied, almost everything but 99% of rap which I don't like for the most part.
Personal Quote: I dont want to waste another moment a shot in the dark to be where you are I promise to be-BTR

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